Kate's suit is capable, Queen Letizia’ dress is luxury, and the office wears a Sense of luxury in autumn. It depends on these five single items.

Fan said: Princess/Queen Autumn Dress Awards

The end of last month, Megan, who visited New York with a high profile, made a big splash.
Changed five sets of clothes in three days, from cashmere sweaters to wide-leg pants, from Max mara to Loro piana, and very elite female style, the cost of garment as much as 600,000.
Although the popularity of passers-by is still not good, Megan's dressing formula for this trip is very useful. Solid color + classic evergreen style looks simple and advanced, which is very suitable for girls in the workplace.
The jewelry in her hand also has an error-free matching idea. Whether it's Tank watch, LOVE bracelet or Jennifer Meyer's tennis bracelet, the folding method is laudable, it is eye-catching and not over when wear it in workplace.
In fact, in addition to Megan, Kate, Queen Letizia, Big Mary and other princesses also have a lot to learn from recently. They don't win by trenches, but give priority to quality. I believe it can bring some inspiration to girls in the workplace.
So let us see what practical autumn items the have now.
Light-colored Suit:brisk and capable
When it comes to Look in the workplace, the most unavoidable item for men and women is suits. In early autumn, you can choose some "lightweight" suits with light colors and less heavy texture to cope with a climate with a large temperature difference between indoors and outdoors.
Kate has recently become a "suit spirit" and has appeared in various suits one after another. When she visited Northern Ireland, She appeared in a purple suit. In the purple suit, Kate rarely wears such a high-saturation color, which is very eye-catching, capable and experienced.
The suit comes from the British designer Emilia Wickstead's 2021 autumn and winter series. Kate wears a turtleneck legging and the British brand Emmy London's high heels, which is very elite in the workplace.
Not long ago, she also wore a beige twill suit and dark blue wide-legged trousers, Full of sense of the workplace.
Her favorite British brand Reiss has always been famous for Workplace Look. This suit adopts double-breasted buttons + waist scissors. The color and style are very versatile, and the price is also relatively friendly. It costs $540, which is very worth buying.
If the dress code in the workplace is not so strict, suits and jeans are also a good idea to match. Kate's orange pink suit looks particularly refreshing and comfortable with jeans and small white shoes.
The suit comes from Chloé and is not a traditional style. It adds wool cuffs and an elastic waist design, which is very recognizable and costs $2250.
Kate matched a pair of & Other Stories jeans and Veja small white shoes, with a total price of only $209, which is very affordable
Suit + half skirt is also enough to highlight the workplace style. Kate's appearance in the Wimbledon competition looks formal and non-form. The specially matched Jimmy Choo high heels echoes white elements such as T-shirts and bags.
This naval blue suit comes from Smythe. With a simple buckle design and waist-tucking, it can wrap the lines very well. The rear hem is also very design-oriented, and a little bee waist design highlights the waist, selling for $695.
Swedish Crown Prince Victoria has also been wearing many suits recently, both texture and style. This ivory suit looks refreshing and intellectual, with a neat hairstyle that looks very outstanding.
The suit suit comes from the Nordic brand Andiata. The crown prince often wears it, the top is the brand's Jane series, and the trousers are the Kamille 3' series, and the complete set matching works best.
The Queen’s Crown Prince has also "challenged" the blue suit recently. This color is not easy to control and easy to appear "overheated", but it’s very eye-catching in the crowd
The suits and trousers are from H&M. The are made of a little wool blend and are not expensive.
Wearing a suit in a suit highlights the temperament best. Maria Theresa, Madame of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, is eye-catching enough. The design of stylish and tailoring are very high-end, with a total price of about 1200 pounds.
Taro purple is very popular this year. Queen Letizia’s taro purple suit comes from the Spanish local brand Bleis Madrid. The pendant texture is very good, and the price of the set is about 655 euros.
She also matched Prada nude high heels and a white interior, which showed a little vitality in her usual simplicity and ability.
Marie, the second princess of Denmark, has also recently worn a gray-purple suit from Ralph Lauren. The light tone looks comfortable and skin-friendly. She also specially matched a brooch, exquisite just right.
The Minimalist skirt: refreshing your workplace
length skirts are also one of the seasonal items in autumn. The princesses’s skirts Look are even more wonderful, with minimalist lines, simple but outstanding. Whether it’s a jump-up or a half-length style, it’s versatile with high heels and boots.
The elegant dress
The advantage of the dress is that it saves the trouble of matching. When you are not in the mood to put it on, you can go out. Queen Letizia recently wore a dress of the local Spanish brand Adolfo Domínguez, which is full of femininity and a belt buckle around her waist. The irregular design is very suitable for slightly more formal occasions.
In addition, this red Massimo Dutti dress suits her very well. The price is not high, but she wears it like a "right palace style"
Queen Letizia has a lot of confidence in driving bright colors. This Moisés Nieto peach dress is also from a Spanish local brand. It is well-tailored, looks dignified and elegant, and has a feeling of "expensive at a glance"
And this Hugo Boss’Caddli’ denim dress is relatively fresh and comfortable. The belt is the finishing touch, and it doesn’t look too casual and can be worn on many occasions.
This skirt has been worn several times after wearing. Each time it is matched with a different belt and high heels, and the idea is another "new skirt".
Her leather skirt, which looks a little expensive, actually comes from the high street brand & Other Stories, which can be bought in less than a thousand yuan. It's a little cool and a little sassy, and the wide cuff design is also comfortable~
The Kate, who has rarely worn skirts recently, wore a Self-Portrait stitched dress at the previous reception. The combination of the upper suit and the lower chiffon pleated skirt has been matched for you. The elegance is just right, and the price is $570.
Princess Mary of Denmark is also a dress Look "seed contestant". Her dark green dress looks grand and steady, from the British brand Beulah. She matched a 10cm Prada shallow high heels and a Boss thin belt around her waist, which made her temperament win.
she also wore a Joseph'Lynne' dress before, which was elegant in design, cut and fabric, which was very suitable for the workplace.
The brand of Joseph is really suitable for working girls. Queen Lania of Jordan has also worn a 'Claudi' shirt skirt before. The irregular waistline design is fashionable and the stripes look very fresh.
Recently, Sophie, Countess of Wessex, the wife of Prince Edward, the Queen's youngest son, also wore a shirt skirt. Her Polka polka dot shirt skirt looks very fresh and British style , and the brand is also the British local ME+EM, The Kate also worn it before.
Age-reducing skirt
If you want to match different styles, there is relatively more room for skirts to play with.
Kate's Look mentioned above, under the Smythe small suit, matched with the British brand Alessandra Rich's polka dot skirt, which is fresh and playful and sells for $412.
Prince of Monaco's niece Charlotte's shirt + half skirt Look is relaxed and casual, and it is suitable for vacation and commuting. The half skirt comes from Alexander Mcqueen, and a little irregular wrinkles stand out from the basic style.
The same idea is Swedish Crown Prince Victoria, whose half skirt in Look comes from the Danish niche brand Baum und Pferdgarten. With Andiata white shirt, there is an image of a good girl who is very suitable for commuting.
On formal occasions such as the red carpet, the Crown Prince will change into the 'Loella' skirt of the local Swedish brand House of Dagmar. It is irregular + the style is very designed, and it is great to match any clothes.
Commuting bag:  color matching is the king's way
Although the bag is a "green leaf", the style is also divided into occasions, and matching is also a test of the foundation. So what new autumn and winter bags have the princesses/wager recently?
Kate has always been pro-democracy. The new Mulberry 'Amberley' white bag in her hand is exquisite and small, suitable for concave shapes and commuting, and the discount price is only 472 pounds.
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